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2009 CP Nationals Wra... Posted by carlccom (09/10/2009)

The 2009 CP Nationals is in the books; your 2009 CP God is once again Mike Maier, and his win was pretty decisive. The CP Cookout was somewhat under-attended, but the band was superb, and like Mike Loll said, the Tequila was plentiful. We had a lot of people stop by before and after they attended the Pro Solo Banquet and all commented that the CP Cookout was better. Except for some unappreciated rain during the CPL runs on Wednesday, the weather was grand. SCCA (specifically Howard Duncan) arranged for a school bus to cart us crazies around the West Course immediately after runs were done on Wednesday. And yes, as tradition honors, there was a full moon out the back of the bus (and I must admit the moon seems to get a little larger every year). All in all, I would give this year's Nationals about an 8 on a scale of 0-10. Lincoln is a great place to run, but some bugs still need to be worked out. The competition in CP was some of the best I have ever seen and it was a pleasure running with everyone. I would also give CP a 9.5 and hope the attendance is up for 2010. We will try to schedule the band again next year (thanks Mike Loll) and will see if we can make the accoustics a bit better; maybe even point the band more toward the Paddock area so the non-CPers get a taste of what they are missing...

80 in 2010 - pass it on!

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