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Here's what you don't want to hear the course designer say...

"Cones, we need more cones"

"Ya, it's just like Karen Babb's 2000 North Course. Only on a smaller scale"

"Yes, I drive a Formula Ford. Real racecars don't have fenders"

"Okay, according to my GPS sensor, this is the start of the 10 cone slalom"

"Usually I put 30 paces between slalom cones. Of course my pace is shorter now after my surgery"

"This is the BIG lot"

"I think the sand adds something. Don't you?"

"All Prepared cars are in the first heat"

"Excuse me, I need to change the tires on my Mini"

"Damn. I left the rope-pull for my racecar at home, again"

"All gates are EXACTLY 15 feet wide"

"Uh-Oh, that looks too fast"

"Why yes, I am an engineer and you are blocking my laser sited surveying equipment"

"Look, my course spells out the words H-STOCK"


Scott Peterson


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