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CP Top 10 Reasons to race CP

CP's Top 10 Reasons

10 You don't need to buy all sorts of funky tools (but you still do, just to have funky tools).

9 You can get your spares at the junkyard.

8 It beats working.

7 Torque improves your sex life. Trust me.

6 Other CP-ers!

5 The peer pressure is for your car to be >different< from all the others.

4 You can finally build a car like the ones you drew in 10th grade study hall.

3 You saw "Jurassic Park" 8 times.

2 You were frightened by an overhead camshaft as a child.

and the number 1 reason for being in CP...

1 It's just too darn much fun - why would you want to be anywhere else!


Chris Heiny


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